In Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) according to ETSI EN 300 401 there is the possibility to transmit Programm Associated Data (PAD) just within the audio bitstream. The same applies to ETSI TS 102 563, which is commonly also known as DAB+. The PAD is transmitted by embedding X-PAD (extended PAD) and F-PAD (fixed PAD) data into regions designated for such auxiliary information. Several applications can be transmitted in parallel and independent from each other this way to the consumer's device.

The XPADxpert displays this information within a DAB(+) recording and enables interested persons to take a look at what exactly is transmitted and to check for possible bugs. It is written in Java and provided as freeware without any warranty.


SLS catSLS simulation DL/DL+ Journaline F-PAD + X-PAD w/o CIs ETI/RDI filter Save payload
MOT SlideShow catSLS Dynamic Label (Plus) Journaline F-PAD + X-PAD without CIs ETI/RDI filter Save payload

 Supported applications

 Supported file types

MP2 audio frames (e.g. from DABlin, Andreas Gsinn's DAB Player, Terratec's NOXON software, DVBviewer's Radio.exe)
AAC audio ADTS or LATM/LOAS (e.g. from DABlin, DVBviewer's Radio.exe)
*.mp4, *.m4a
MP4 containing AAC audio (e.g. from Andreas Gsinn's DAB Player, Terratec's NOXON software, hardware DAB+ receivers)
DAB+ super frames with Reed Solomon coding (e.g. from Terratec's NOXON software)
DAB+ super frames without Reed Solomon coding
*.eti, *.eni, *
DAB ETI(NI, G.703; NA, G.704) (e.g. from dabtools' dab2eti, IB Mulka's DAB-XPlorer)
DAB RDI (e.g. from IRT's DAB-Scout, IB Mulka's DAB-XPlorer)
pseudo MPEG-TS containing DAB ETI(NI, G.703; NA, G.704) (e.g. from satellite feeds)
custom PAD format (e.g. for testing purposes)


ZIP XPADxpert v1.12 (28.04.2019)



If you have questions/suggestions/criticism or want to provide test samples, please contact me at the e-mail address mentioned in the imprint or use the discussion thread.



v1.12 (28.04.2019)

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v1.10 (01.01.2016)

v1.9a (31.10.2015)

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v1.8 (05.05.2015)

v1.7 (21.04.2015)

v1.6 (13.06.2014)

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v1.4a (05.09.2013)

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